mountain biking in west virginia mountain biking in west virginia

Mountain bike rentals

Home to the largest bike rental fleet in the region, the Mountain Adventure Center carries a full line of Specialized downhill and freeride bikes for the whole family.

Summer 2018

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downhill Bike Rental $149/day

A downhill bike is a full suspension bike designed for downhill mountain biking. Durability and stability are the most important design features, compared to lighter cross country bikes. Downhill bikes and freeride bikes are similar, however downhill bikes typically are lower and have slacker head angles than freeride bikes so that they are more stable at speed and during cornering.

jr downhill bike rental

A freeride bike sized and designed for smaller riders. This bike is basically a cross between a cross country bike and a downhill bike. Durability and stability are the most important design features, compared to lighter cross country bikes. Compared to a downhill bike, it has slightly less suspension travel and is lighter, so it may be enjoyed on downhill terrain as well as more technical sections.

specialized freeride bike rental
Freeride Bike Rental $89/day

Freeride bikes are similar to downhill bikes, but feature slightly less suspension travel and are lighter - which enables them to be ridden not just downhill but through more technical sections. Additionally, most freeride bikes feature slightly steeper headangles and shorter wheelbases than pure downhill bikes to facilitate maneuverability on slower, technical sections of trail.

Specialized Stumpjumper ST Alloy 27.5
Cross Country bike rental $40/day

Cross Country cycling is defined by the terrain on which it is performed. XC courses and trails consist of a mix of rough forest paths and singletrack with smooth trails. Cross-country bicycles are some of the lightest mountain bikes. They usually feature suspension forks in front and sometimes have suspension in the rear. The geometry of the frames generally place the rider in a little more upright position than on a road bike but much less than on a downhill bike.

Additional Gear Rentals

Bringing your own bike? We rent all the protective gear you need. $35/day will get you a helmet, body armor, and shin pads. Call the MAC at 304.572.5917 to reserve your gear today.