If you come across an item that doesn't appear to have an owner, we ask that you help us get it back to the right person by delivering it to the Depot or any front desk location. If you're looking for a lost item, check to see if it's been turned in to the Lost and Found by calling 304.572.5982 or 304.572.5464.
Located high atop Snowshoe Mountain, Saint Bernard Chapel is a worship center that is jointly operated by the Catholic and Episcopal Churches of West Virginia. St. Bernard offers Catholic and non-Denominational worship services on weekends throughout the winter and summer months and on most Religious Holidays.

Catholic Mass is held on Saturday evening at 5:30pm.
Protestant Services are held on Sunday at 10am.

For information about weddings click here.
From Top of the World to Silver Creek to the Inn, our experienced shuttle drivers will get you to your on-mountain destination. Click here for details about shuttle operations and parking options.
We are proud to offer two official Tesla Super Charging Stations at no cost to our guests in our continuing effort to keep Snowshoe and the surrounding area “Forever Wild.” These charging stations are located next to our Administrative Parking section across from The Seneca.

Find groceries, sundries, a deli and your basic provisions at the Wildcat. Click here for hours of operation or call 304.572.5901 to see if they've got what you're looking for.