Health insurance is offered to Core and Regular employees (9 month to year round positions). For information about your eligibility or details about benefits, check in with your manager or with the Payroll Benefit Specialist in Human Resources.
Yes. When you are hired, Human Resources will schedule you for onboarding. You will be asked to fill out a new hire form as well as a Declaration of Health. Once those forms have been processed you will be directed to an online site called UltiPro. This site allows you to confirm and update personal information, tax withholdings, banking info, and eligibility to work in the US. You will have to complete the steps in UltiPro in order to be an active employee for both perks and pay. Part of the paperwork process is the I-9 verification form, which is a government document proving your eligibility to work in the United States. You will need to bring in the physical documents for an HR representative. We do not accept faxes or photo copies. The most common documents that will prove your eligibility are a) photo IDs (driver and non-driver licenses) and b) social security cards or birth certificates. You will need a document from both list A and B. A passport is also sufficient. You will not be able to start working until you have provided these documents and followed through with all HR requirements. There will be no exceptions, so please come prepared. Human Resources is open 6 days a week during the winter season, so if you don't have a computer at home or you just can't figure it out, please let us know and we will be happy to help you.
There's only one way to apply -- online! From here, you can browse various jobs. Click on any that you're interested in to learn more and apply or, if you're interested in more than one position, you can apply with a general Snowshoe application. You may also mention in the comment section that you are open to multiple jobs.
Well, the hard part's over, so now you can relax. We review applications on a daily basis and respond to applicants via telephone and email. You'll hear from us even if we decide to pursue other candidates. If you don't hear from someone within a week, please feel free to contact us. Sometimes little glitches happen and we want to make sure nothing gets lost.
If the job you're looking for is not posted online, the position is no longer available. We update the job postings on a daily basis, so what you see is what you can apply for.
Yes, there is employee housing available. You can learn more here.
We're looking for people who are passionate about life and what they do. People who love the mountain lifestyle and who want to be at Snowshoe! Just be yourself.
Please fill out an application for the new position that you're interested in. The hiring manager will check on your employment history with us and then schedule an interview if it's a good fit.
Pay periods run from Saturday to Friday for twoweeks. Pay Day comes every two weeks on Fridays. You can set up your direct deposit through UltiPro.
Any time! Generally, you'll see winter jobs posted late in the summer. Keep checking the web site through early fall and into December. We try to have most jobs filled by Thanksgiving, but some remain posted throughout the season. Summer positions are usually posted in Spring.