Here on the Mountain, we know we’ve been blessed with one of the East’s most amazing natural resources. People from across the globe are drawn to our breathtaking scenery and the adventure and spirit of the Mountain. Our success depends a great deal on Mother Nature herself, so our passions, goals, and bottom line are all bound together in the interest of preserving our environment.

Environmental Policy:
In keeping with our theme and surroundings of ‘Forever Wild,’ we constantly strive to maintain the health of the Mountain through an environmental program that meets or exceeds regulatory standards. As a team, we set and review company, divisional and departmental goals and objectives through the guiding principles of pollution prevention and a minimized environmental footprint. Our commitment is to use less electricity and to continually become more environmentally conscious while providing the same high-level resort experience.

We want Snowshoe to be a staple of southeast skiing and a year-round adventure destination for generations to come, which is why we’ve made environmental stewardship a priority and encourage our guests to be mindful of how their actions could impact our fragile Mountain ecosystem. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Silver Eagle Environmental Award:
In 2008, Snowshoe Mountain was the recipient of the Silver Eagle Environmental Award for Excellence in Fish and Habitat Protection.
Habitat Conservation:
Our Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP), the first ever completed in the state of West Virginia, is a partnership with the US Fish and Wildlife Services that helps protect the two endangered species found on our resort land – the West Virginia Northern Flying Squirrel and the threatened Cheat Mountain Salamander.
So far, we’ve invested more than $1 million in green initiatives.
Energy efficient snow guns:
One of the largest investments in our green campaign was the purchase of 75 new state-of-the-art snow guns that use a fraction of the energy required of traditional snowmaking equipment.
Electric car chargers:
We’re helping guests go green before they ever arrive at the Resort by providing electric car chargers. Recharge your vehicle while you play on the Mountain.
Conversion to LED light bulbs:
It doesn’t sound like much, but with every lightbulb in the entire Village switched to high efficient LED bulbs, the resort saves 451,000 kwh.
Downsized vehicles:
Many full sized trucks in our fleet have been downsized to mini-trucks, which are more fuel-efficient and produce significantly less emissions.
Lodging recycling programs:
We’re already looking ahead to our next green goal. In the coming months, we will make it easier for guests lodging at Snowshoe to participate in recycling.