First time lesson guide for adult and teen guests.

Snowshoe Bunny

A lesson with a talented instructor is the best way to gain the skills and confidence so essential to an amazing snow experience. We want you to love the time you spend sliding with us, so we’ve included this guide to give you a heads up about the mountain/lesson environment and help you build your “lesson strategy”

Fashion Smarts: Dress for cold and dress for snow. That means thin thermal base layers (not cotton), heavier mid layers and outer layers specifically designed for snow. When it comes to your feet ONE layer only, and don’t wear cotton socks. Water proof gloves & Goggles are key to enjoy your first time experience.

Fuel Up: You dehydrate and fatigue easier at higher altitudes. Eat and hydrate well your entire trip, and don’t be surprised when your appetite grows! Be sure to take breaks as you need them to allow yourself to recharge.

Remember Why You’re Here: To have fun! Learning to ski or snowboard is exciting, rewarding and so much fun….so let it be all that! Talk to friends and family about what to expect, and when you meet your instructor ask them to help you set goals that will start you off right and keep you on track for progress.

Practice Makes Perfect: We highly encourage multiple lessons. Even long time skiers and snowboarders take lessons (heck, we offer high end clinics regularly for our instructors to keep them progressing!); most people discover that additional lessons are a big help in locking down skills that give them the confidence they need to really enjoy their experience.

Want some personalized attention? We’ve got a sweet follow up deal for you after your initial group lesson; Enjoy a “Solo Session”:
  • Same-day, one-on-one learning session for an incredible $59.
  • Appropriate for first time skiers/riders through those ready to explore more Green/Beginner Terrain.
  • Solo Sessions do not access Blue or Black terrain.We offer All Mountain Clinics and Private Lessons for guests ready for intermediate/advanced terrain.
  • Can be purchased on site after your initial group lesson.
  • Non-transferable