One part refined living. Five parts Pure Mountain Adventure.
If your group prefers it steep, fast, fun and well-aged, Full Steam Ahead will knock your hiking socks off. We’ll welcome you to the Mountain with a private whiskey tasting. Adventure Passes will be handed out to all. And a backcountry hut dinner is scheduled as well. Full Steam Ahead is fully customizable, so your dedicated Mountain Concierge will be ready to add as much refinement or reward as you deem necessary. And when you do finally decide to sleep, you’ll retire in some of Snowshoe’s most premium lodging. It's time to Mountain the way you want. Here's a sampling of what you may want to includeon your Full Steam Ahead itinerary:

raven golf raven golf
Raven Golf

Take in the beautiful West Virginia scenery on our signature Gary Player designed golf course.

wv beer sampling wv beer sampling
WV craft Beer Sampling

There is no better place to test the region's best brews than here at 4,848. From Big Timber Porter to the 8 Point IPA by Devil's Backbone, there's something here to make your taste buds dance every time.

mountain biking mountain biking
Mountain Bike 101

If you’re new to downhill bike parks, or just need a refresher, our 101 course is just for you.

whiskey whiskey
Whiskey 101

Learn a little and sip a little in a private Whiskey 101 seminar.

cagars cagars
cigar aficionado

If you've ever wanted to sample some exquisite cigars from high atop a scenic mountain, your opportunity has arrived!

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