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Current Weather Conditions

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Cloudy Overcast
Wind: WNW
Chance of Precipitation: 0%
Humidity: 61%

Printable Snow Report

Download the printable snow report for grooming and snowmaking status.

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Weather Forecast

For the most update to date forecast please visit the National Weather Service


Some under developed snow will be passing through today, time to try out that rain gear!

For the last Tuesday of the 14/15 season all trails have been groomed with the exception of Knot Bumper and Lower Shay's.

It's time to celebrate a great season and celebrate the fact that we still have 157 acres of skiing in March!

Snowshoe Basin:9am - 4:30pm
Silver Creek: Closed for Season
Coca-Cola Tube Park: Closed for Season

Progression Session


24 Hrs
48 Hrs
72 Hrs
7 Days
Season Total
Open Lifts: 6
Open Trails: 36
Open Terrain:

Lifts & Trails



Open Status

Level of Difficulty



Clear Filters

Total Open Trails: 36

Snowshoe Area

LevelTrail Name Status
Extremely Difficult Lower Shay's Revenge Open
Difficult Upper Shay's RevengeGrooming Open
Difficult Upper Cupp RunGrooming Open
Difficult Lower Cupp RunGrooming Open
Difficult WidowmakerGrooming Open
Difficult GrabhammerGrooming Open
Difficult Knot Bumper Open
Difficult Knot bumper GladesGladed Terrain Closed
Difficult Camp 99Grooming Open
Difficult Sawmill Open
Difficult Sawmill GladesGladed Terrain Closed
Moderate Gandy DancerGrooming Open
Moderate Single TreeGrooming Open
Moderate Skip JackGrooming Open
Moderate Upper BallhooterGrooming Open
Moderate Lower BallhooterGrooming Open
Moderate MoonshineGrooming Open
Moderate SpruceGrooming Open
Moderate StemwinderGrooming Open
Moderate Grab HookGrooming Open
Moderate J-HookGrooming Open
Moderate Cross CutGrooming Open
Moderate Tail TreeGrooming Open
Easier Upper FlumeGrooming Open
Easier Mid FlumeGrooming Open
Easier Lower FlumeGrooming Open
Easier Upper HootenannyGrooming Open
Easier Lower HootenannyGrooming Open
Easier Powderidge Closed
Easier Yew Pine Closed
Easier Heisler WayGrooming Open
Easier Camp 4 Closed
Easier Powder MonkeyGrooming Open
Easier WhistlepunkGrooming Open
Easier SkidderGrooming Open
Easier WhiffletreeGrooming Open
Easier GreenwayGrooming Open
Easier Log SlideGrooming Open
Easier Cut OffGrooming Open
Easier Gangway Closed
Freestyle Terrain Progression Session ParkGrooming Open
Freestyle Terrain ChokerGrooming Open


Level of Difficulty

Clear Filters

Open Snowshoe Area Parks: 2
Open Silver Creek Area Parks: 0
Total Open Parks: 2

Snowshoe Area

LevelPark Name Status
Medium - Large Park ChokerGrooming Open
Small Park Progression Session ParkGrooming Open

Silver Creek Area

LevelPark Name Status
Large Park Mountaineer Closed
Small Park Robertson's Run Closed
Medium Park Timberjack Closed


Open Status

Clear Filters

Total Open Lifts: 6

Snowshoe Area

Lift NameStatus
Ballhooter Open
Grabhammer Closed
Skidder Open
Powder Monkey Open
Powderidge Closed
Soaring Eagle Express Open
Western Express Open
Wonder Carpet Open

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Season TTL
Partly Coudy Partly Cloudy
6 Open Lifts
36 Open Trails
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Last 24 Hrs
Last 48 Hrs
Last 72 Hrs
Last 7 Days
Season Total:
Trail Report


Partly CoudyCurrent
Wed Apr 1: Clear / High: / Low:
Thu Apr 2: Rain / High: / Low:
Fri Apr 3: Rain / High: / Low:
Weather Report

This Week

# Open Lifts: 6
# Open Trails: 36
# Groomed Trails: 33
Open Terrain:
9am - 4:30pm
Silver Creek:
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