Frequently Asked Questions

Mountain Biking Lessons at West Virginia's Snowshoe Mountain Bike Park & Trails



What is a Bike Park?

A bike park is a network of trails that take advantage of the natural elevation loss of a mountain. The trails in a bike park are designed to be ridden with very little pedaling as they flow downhill for the vast majority of the trail. When riders reach the bottom of the trail, they ride the chairlift back to the top (bike is placed on chairlift) and you can start all over again.


Are my children old enough to ride in the Bike Park?

Most children who can ride a 20" bike with confidence will be ready for the Family Introductory Clinic.



Are the ski trails the bike trails? Are they just as steep?

No. While some bike park trails occasionally cross a ski trail, the majority of trails are in the woods and run perpendicular to the slope of the mountain.


What are the different Bike Park trail ratings?

Bike Park trails are modeled after ski trail ratings and are designated into one of four categories.

     Green Circle: Beginner trails with mild gradients, open turns and a wide trail base. 
        With a short fundamental skills session taught by one of our instructors, almost anyone who has 
        ridden a bike before can be comfortable on a green trail.

     Blue Square: Intermediate trails that are steeper, have tighter turns and often have natural and 
        man-made features.

     Black Diamond: Expert trails that are very steep and have advanced features including large drops, 
        jumps, narrow bridges, rock gardens, etc.

     Double Black Diamond: The most advanced terrain on the mountain only suitable for expert riders.



I have an 8 year old bike in my garage that has front suspension. Can I ride it in the Bike Park?

Not a good idea. Bike Parks are designed to be ridden on full suspension downhill or freeride specific bikes. Bike technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years and today's bikes possess numerous features to make your Bike Park experience both safe and enjoyable.

These features include advanced suspension systems, hydraulic disc brakes, strong frame materials and they're built using specific geometric standards necessary for Downhill riding positions. Need a bike? Head on over to the MAC and check out our top of the line rental fleet from Speicalized & Kona.


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