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Mad March Racing Mountain Bike Camp

Mad March Racing Downhill Camps

This 2 day camp designed for beginner & intermediate level riders will focus on mastering the fundamental elements of downhill and freeride disciplines.

July, 3rd - 4th 2014

This 2 day camp designed for beginner & intermediate level riders will focus on mastering the fundamental elements of downhill and freeride disciplines. Focal points will include body position, bike / body separation, line selection, effective cornering, brake modulation, balance, bike control, basic wheel lifts, and an introduction to drops and jumps. Bike set-up, suspension tuning, and maintenance tips will also be covered.

Ability Level: Beginner to intermediate Riders (ages 15 & up) 

Head Coach: certified instructors trained by Shaums March 

Base Price: $259 plus tax (includes complimentary 2 day bike park ticket)

Optional Add-on’s: Bike Rentals starting at $69 per day, lodging starting at $33.00

Camp Schedule

All Camps meet outside of the Bike Shop (The Mountain Adventure Center) at 9am. On the first morning of the camp the coaches will work with each camper to cover basic pre-ride bike inspections and bike set up. This ensures that your bike is properly set up for your body. This includes adjusting the front and rear suspension, saddle height, brake levers, shifter levers, etc. After bike inspection and set up the group as a whole will move into a fundamental skills assessment so the coaches can get a baseline of where everyone is in terms of riding abilities. After covering the fundamentals, the coaches will break campers out into a few groups, generally consisting of 5-8 riders of similar skill levels and move into more specific skill discussion, demonstration, practice, and evaluation sessions. After covering several specific skills in a practice environment the group will head into the bike park to apply those skills in on-trail experiences. The coaches will move around in the group and give one on one time to each camper throughout the trail riding sessions and provide direct feedback and encouragement.

Camps will break mid-day for lunch.  The afternoon sessions are often similar to the morning sessions and riders are encouraged to discuss any specific goals or skills they’re interested in covering. Camp will run until the Bike Park closes (5:00pm).

Lodging - If you’re lodging through Snowshoe Central Reservations, you may check in at Mountain Top Check in located in the Top of the World Lodging Complex at the South Mountain.  This check-in location is open 24 hours for your convenience.   

Ravenswood: This is the most affordable and basic of the lodging option at just $33 plus tax for 2 nights in a private bedroom in a 3 bedroom dormitory style apartment. These are very basic, shared units and while they don’t offer luxury, they do offer a practical and affordable lodging option on top of the mountain with just a 2 minute walk to the heart of the village. Each 3 bedroom unit offers a full kitchen, shared bath, and access to coin laundry. 

Bike Rentals – If you choose to rent a bike, it is recommended that you pick up your bike and gear at the MAC (bike shop) on the evening prior to the first day of camp.  If you have your own freeride or Downhill bike but need gear (full face helmet, body armor, etc.) the bike shop does rent this stuff.  The MAC staff will open Saturday (9:00am) if you are unable to pick up your bike the night before.

Recommended Gear

  • Required: A downhill or freeride bike in good working order with a minimum of 6” of front and rear suspension and disc brakes (it’s always a good idea to have your bike inspected by a qualified mechanic if you’re unsure of its condition). Top of the line rental bikes from Kona and Specialized are available at the Mountain Adventure Center (MAC) Bike Shop.
  • Required: A full face helmet certified for downhill biking (rentals available at the MAC).
  • Moto style goggles or athletic style glasses, clear lenses are best for visibility in the woods.
  • Required: knee and elbow pads (rentals available at the MAC).
  • Forearm, shin, chest, back, and shoulder pads (rentals available at the MAC).
  • Mountain biking specific shoes or light hiking shoes/boots (no sandals)
  • Clothing: it’s best to be prepared for any possible weather conditions, this includes cool & windy, hot & humid, wet or dry. Bike specific shorts offer the best abrasion protection should you need it and also usually include a sewn in chamois for comfort. Long sleeves and pants can provide better protection from weather and abrasion, but aren’t required. While many shorts can be cotton blends for durability, most people will prefer synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, or lightweight wool for tops / jerseys for their better breathing and moisture management properties. A lightweight rain jacket is also a good article to keep on hand.
  • Gloves: Gloves can be your best friend if you happen to take a spill out on the trails. There’s nothing fun about having a patroller pick little bits of gravel out of your palms 

Andrew F.  l  49 years young  l  Research & Development Director
"I attended my first MMR Camp at Snowshoe in 2010. At the time, I thought I was a mid-level downhill rider and the camp would help me learn to go faster and bigger. But, Shaums doesn't work that way, at least not directly. He teaches you the basics of riding: balance, weight distribution, body position, how to turn and how to stop. Turns out, I didn't know how to ride at all. Once I learned the fundamentals (the right way), I ended up going faster and bigger."

J.C.  l  39 years young  l  Software Developer
"The MMR coaches were a lot of fun to ride with. They listened to what we wanted to get out of the camp and made sure we all walked away happy. I learned far more than I ever expected to, and I'm already planning my next Snowshoe MMR Camp!"

Eric L.  l  60 years young  l  Chief Technology Officer
"Great focus on the basic skills and a quick progression into techniques that made me a much better rider. Nothing like getting rid of all the bad technique and replacing it with solid ones to improve quickly. One highlight was ripping down the trail with Shaums behind me shouting out techniques heading into a turn or drop - what a hoot! (something he did for everyone in the camp). I still try to focus on the techniques I learned when starting a trail or getting onto a tough section - really makes you clean and fast."

Joe S.   27 years young  l  Project Manager
"Whether you have never been on a DH bike or you can already hit the road gap without care, you will be better after taking an MMR Downhill Camp. Shaums not only teaches the basics of riding at the right level for each person, he is just plain fun to ride with! I attended a camp in 2010 and am planning to attend again in 2012."

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