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Family Mountain Adventure

3+ full days of camp programming for the little ones, while parents get to enjoy unlimited kid-free resort activities. From golf, to ziplines, to mountainbikes and archery. Even mountaintop dinners under the stars. All the best of summer, all in one place.

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 With this package you and your sweetie’s hearts will race no matter what unlimited activities you chose over three full days. And to top it off we’ll throw in a private couples massage.

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Three solid days of unlimited adventuring, for those who are constantly in search of that next big adrenaline rush. Whether hiking, biking, golfing, ziplining, canoeing, rock-climbing or any number of other activities, going home tired is a guarantee.

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When Snowshoe asked me to be their Summer of Adventuring spokes-Sasquatch, I said to heck with the Code of the Unseen — let’s do this! So I grabbed my bike and began plotting out the best ways to show you these 11,000 acres of cloud-front, mountain-top real estate. You won’t believe how much adventuring can be done up here! I think my tagline pretty much sums it up: All the best of summer, all in one place. Catchy, eh?

Treasure on the Mountain

$250,000 Raffle Benefiting the Snowshoe Foundation